Thursday, December 30, 2010

How Do I Make the Most of This Vacation Day?

My vacation week is dwindling away more quickly than I would like.  The days have been filled with chores and games and naps and too much coffee.  I've enjoyed every minute.

But today is the day I have been looking forward to the most.  Today I have some time to myself.  The girls have gone to their mom's and Mr. Babycakes is off to help a friend with computer issues .  I've been trying to decide what to do with this coveted time.  Do I finish up my planning for the coming year?  Do I try to get back to work on The Novel?  Do I get back to writing articles?

One thing I would like to do is get going with The Journal Keeper blogging again.  I've made a few attempts lately, but life just keeps getting in the way!  So maybe today I will focus on getting a bushel of posts written and scheduled.  And make a plan for carving time out of each day to spend here.  One thing I must remember is that blogging should be fun.  As soon as I make it into work, I won't do it.

Oh!  I got some super awesome news yesterday, but I can't share it yet.  (Don't you hate when people do that?!)  I need a few more days to get things in place, but then I'll give it up.  Just know that it is something that I have been working hard for, and I am very happy about it!

Enjoy your day today.  Make the most of it!


  1. Definitely don't do the blogs if it starts to feel like work. I feel the same way there, thus the dearth of blogs of late. I've been off all week, too. My wife recommended I focus on getting a posts written and scheduled during one day I didn't have daddy duties, but I didn't. Were I a girl, I'd probably go have a manicure/pedicure or perhaps a massage. I'm sure some guys like that stuff, but it's not my cup of coffee. ;)

  2. Dang it! Why didn't I think of the mani/pedi on my day off?! Truth is, I've spent the day with my paper planner -- planning and goal setting -- and getting to know my blog again. It's been great! :)