About The Journal Keeper

Hello!  My name is Sharon Korkes and I live in central North Carolina.  I am a forty-something daughter, sister, wife, sister-in-law, step-mother, friend, writer, employee, singer, reader, journaler, YouTuber, dreamer, procrastinator, worrier, and volunteer-er. 

The Journal Keeper is my special place on the World Wide Web.  It's a place for me to share my personal thoughts on things as I see them (yes, I can be opinionated).  I am very much into journaling and my Filofax paper planner, so you'll find a lot of discussion on those topics.

Other topics you'll likely see here:
  • celebrating accomplishments (hopefully completing my first novel will be among them)
  • whining about failures (hopefully completing my first novel will not be among them)
  • motherhood (I am a new step-mother to two beautiful girls and learning as I go)
  • my writing (along with this blog, my journal and my novel, I also write articles)
  • my weight loss journey
  • product reviews
  • my overall journey through life

Please feel free to leave comments (I love love love comments!), or you can send an email to me directly at sharon (at) journalkeeper (dot) com.

Be sure to bookmark this blog, or subscribe to it so you can be notified as soon as a new post is available. I'll come to you! Now that's customer service with a smile.