My Bucket List


This is my bucket list, or a list of the things I would like to do in my lifetime.  It has changed slightly over the years to accommodate my changing tastes and wishes, but the things you see here have been on the list for a while.

  1. Reach my goal weight of 165 lbs.
  2. Run a marathon.
  3. Publish a novel.
  4. Pay off all debt.
  5. Learn Italian.
  6. Visit Italy.
  7. Get paid for my singing. // Done!
  8. Journal as a daily habit.
  9. Build an interesting blog.
  10. Live at the beach.
  11. Become famous in a good way.
  12. Learn to snow ski.
  13. Swim with dolphins.
  14. Cruise to Alaska.
  15. Vacation in New York city.
  16. Learn to paint with watercolors.
  17. Regularly practice meditation.
  18. Visit the hot springs in Greenland.
  19. See the Northern Lights.
  20. Visit New England in the Fall.
  21. Read all of the classic novels.

(revised January 14, 2015)