Sunday, January 11, 2015

My Weekly Review: Jan 5 - Jan 11, 2015

Hi there!

My plan for this blog is to have a weekly review every Sunday.  This is where I'll just touch on what I did over the past week, what I accomplished, that sort of thing.

The week has been fairly harmless.  I've been really busy at work, especially coming back after the Christmas and New Year's holidays, but it was nothing I couldn't handle.  

My meal planning did not go as I had planned, but it wasn't a problem, as we were able to readjust and just move plans to next week.  It's really all about making a plan so that we know what to purchase at the grocery store.  Ideally I would like to go to the grocery store only once a week, but we end up going to the store every other day or so.  Since we live in an apartment on the third floor without an elevator, it's probably best that we don't shop once a week!

I don't really have the progress on my goals since I really just started on that Monday.  My plan is to report my goal progress once a month, so you can look for that at the end of this month or the first of next month.

I'm still finding my footing on writing here on the blog.  So far I've written eight days in a row (including today) which is a huge accomplishment for me.  But I'm really motivated by my commitment to write here every day, and I told you guys about it, so I can't let you down!

So this weekly review is going to be a little bit sparse, but I think it will get better going forward.

Hey, if you have something else that you're rather see on Sundays, let me know.  I'm always open to your feedback.  I want to provide the content that you like, so let me know!

I hope you've had a good week.  Anything special happen for you?  

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