Monday, September 3, 2012

Happy Labor Day

Happy Labor Day!  I am thankful for those who labored today, so I could take the day off.

My day, and in fact my whole weekend, has been spent in a very restful state.  I have spent time working on household chores, reading the two books for my upcoming book club meetings, and catching up on magazine and blog reading.  Today I did work for a few hours to prepare for the workday tomorrow, but that has been the extent of my exertion.

I sometimes wonder if I have worked to hard to perfect relaxation and "me" time.  I have read and studied so much on the topic of relaxation and stress reduction in the past years, I think I may have become an expert.  Is that possible?  I do think I need to get back on the productivity wagon...

...Which is my reason for coming back here tonight.  I need to get back to the writing.  ANY writing.  I still haven't done that, although I have talked a lot about it.  I'm ready to be a doer instead of a talker.

So I hope you enjoyed your holiday weekend.  Did you do anything fun and exciting?

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