Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Falling in Love -- It's an Annual Thing!

I love the Fall, don't you? 

All of the beautiful colors and smells, the first chilly morning, the sharp afternoon shadows -- they all make me feel rejuvinated and alive. 

Which is odd, if you think about it, because Autumn is sometimes thought of as a dying season.  The leaves on the trees shrivel and fall to the ground, the air gets chilly and the days get shorter.

I look at it as a time to turn inward and reflect.  I remember holidays with family, and warm fireplaces, waiting for the first snowfall.  The oppressive summer heat and humidity are gone, and I finally get to dress in warm turtlenecks and sweaters and drink Chai lattes.

I get more excited about writing.  Sitting outside with my journal in the fall is one of my most precious past times.  And I look forward to the challenge of NaNoWriMo in November.

There just seems to be so much to look forward to, it almost makes me giddy.  There are fairs and fall festivals and Halloween and Thanksgiving, and then Christmas and New Year's Eve.  It's all so exciting, yet so calming and peaceful to me.

I'm making an effort this season to take a moment each and every day to savour each of these favorite things.  They seem to fly by so quickly, I don't want to miss a minute.

What is your favorite thing about Fall?

Photo credits:  Geekr, Lady_Fox

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  1. Autumn is my favorite season (or was when we had things like autumn, not so much in the desert though). Anyway I love the leaves changing and the crisp air of anticipation. Thanks for reminding me. :)