Monday, January 3, 2011

My List of Google Reader Items

I love Google Reader.  I started using it several years ago when my blog-reading started to blossom and I needed an easy way to keep track of all of the new posts.  Since then, I visit Google Reader almost every day.

I thought it would be fun to share the list of my favorite blogs.  Please keep in mind that this list changes semi-frequently as I find new blogs to read or discover that a blog I've been reading no longer holds my interest.

So here they are, in alphabetical order.  Please check them out.  They'll be worth your time.  I don't read junk.  :)

  1. A Big Creative Yes
  2. A Daddy Blog
  3. A Life In Translation
  4. A Working Mother's Daily Rant
  5. Abundance Blog at Marelisa Online
  6. Be More With Less
  7. Better Writing Habits
  8. Caffeinate Me
  9. Calvin and Hobbes at GoComic
  10. Confident Writing
  11. Journaling Saves
  12. Just One Week
  13. Lateral Action
  14. Life in Development
  15. Make A Living Writing
  16. Men With Pens
  17. Mnmlist
  18. My Escape Velocity
  19. Pick The Brain
  20. ProBlogger
  21. Procrastinating Writers
  22. Stepcase Lifehack
  23. Stirrup Queens
  24. The Positivity Blog
  25. The Reflective Writer
  26. Write It Sideways
  27. Write To Done
  28. Just A Titch
  29. Zen Habits
  30. {Courage 2 Create}

Do you use Google Reader or some other type of RSS reader?  Do you use it for another purpose, other than blogs?


  1. Thanks for the shout out! I too like Google Reader but they need to come up with an easier and faster way to comment as you read blogs. If you figure one out, let me know!

  2. I LOVE Calvin and Hobbes! It makes me giggle! My dad always kept the books in the bathroom to read.