Saturday, July 13, 2013

Using Time Wisely

Today is Gymnastics Saturday.  (Don't be silly -- I'M not taking it, the daughter is!)  

Kayla's class is an hour and a half long, and I've struggled with what to do with that time.  Do I read?  Spend time with social media?  Write?

I'm in an observation room with the other parents (side note--more Daddies and Mommies today) and there's lots of chatter and noise so it's a bit hard to concentrate.  I worry about being anti-social if I bury myself in a project and not talk to the others.  But today there are two Daddies and a Mommy who are busy with their laptops.  So I am going to follow their lead today and work on writing some blog posts.

This one is being written on my iPhone.  The rest I will draft in a notebook (I brought my laptop, but the battery is almost dead.  Doh!).

I hope you are having a great Saturday!

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