Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Word Prompt #1

There will be some days when you sit down with your journal, open to the next available blank page, and freeze. You want to write, you know that there's something important up in that brain of yours, but you're just drawing a blank. That's called Writer's Block. (Incidentally, if you have never suffered from writer's block, you are very lucky and one rare breed!)

A good way to get past writer's block is to use a prompt. We've already talked about the photo prompt, but in this post I'm referring to a word prompt. A word prompt can contain a single word, a group of words, a question, or a statement. The prompt is simply a way to jump start your mind and to get thoughts flowing again. When you're using prompts, it's always a good idea to write as fast as you can.

Each week I will post a random word prompt, and you will be invited to write in your journal for 15 minutes about whatever the prompt brings to mind.

Here's today's word prompt*:

Pick any color and write about where you have seen that color today, and what feelings that brings up.

Remember, write in your journal as fast as you can.

Happy Journaling!

* Today's prompt comes from David Kellin at the Journal Prompt Library. Visit his site if you'd like more prompts!

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