Monday, May 31, 2010

I Asked and Received (Again)

Our God is an awesome God.  If you don't already know that, you haven't given him a chance.  All you have to do is ask.  Ask him just the way you would ask a friend.  Tell him what you need help with, and he'll help you.  I've experienced this myself on more than one occasion, the most recent being today.

I asked God to give me guidance today.  I was disappointed, angry and distraught and I needed his help in the worst way.  So I laid out for him exactly what I needed to know, in no uncertain terms, told him how I wanted to receive the information and when I wanted to receive it.  And then I waited for it.

Shortly after my request, I got what I needed.

I asked him which path I was supposed to take in my life.  I was confused and befuddled with multiple directions I had tried to take or had thought about taking.  He told me that writing is my path.  I asked whether I should be writing novels or blog posts or articles.  He told me that I am a Writer of Books.  I expressed concern over my current career path distress.  He told me not to stress.  Writing is my primary path.  Anything else that I need to do to make money for the time being is necessary, but still secondary.  I am not to stress about it, I should just simply do what needs to be done.  Focus, though, on my primary path.

Right away I felt more relaxed and happy and relieved... and extremely grateful for His help!  And as I lathered my body with soap (I received this guidance while I was in the shower, just as I had requested), I thought to myself, "Ok, I'm going to search for blogs about novel writing."  To my surprise, though, He told me that I should not spend my time reading about writing.  I am to spend my time writing.  Deep down I knew that -- I knew that my reading about writing is just a procrastination mechanism that I have perfected.  But it's always nice to have it reinforced in simple terms by The Master.

So there you have it.  I have my answer.  My task list just got simplified with a figurative snap of the fingers.  I have no question now.

Okay, maybe I do have one question:  How in the world can I get moving on the writing?!

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