Monday, February 25, 2013

How To: Weekly Planning in My Filofax


Hi there!

Not long ago I posted a YouTube video on my weekly planning process in my Filofax.  Since then, several folks have asked for the list of my weekly planning steps.

So, here's the list of things I do for my weekly planning each Sunday:

  • Add important events of the week to the monthly index page.
  • Clean out my planner and move old items to the archive.
  • Review goals, update the status and schedule the next steps.
  • Journaling:  Where am I in my goals?  What new ideas have come up?  What decisions need to be made?
  • Write out tasks for the coming week.
  • Review the past week to be sure no tasks have been left unaddressed.
  • Review monthly list of things to do and schedule one or more for the coming week.
  • Review planner setup things to do and schedule for the coming week.
  • Review master task list and schedule one or more for the coming week.
  • Add appointments in my Filofax to my Google Calendar so my husband can see them.  Put a check mark next to the appointment in the Filofax to show that it was added to Google Calendar.
There you have it.  It seems like a lot, but it really doesn't take too long.  I probably spend about an hour on my weekly planning each Sunday.  I think that's a small price to pay to make sure that I'm organized for the coming week.

Do you have a ritual for your weekly planning?


  1. Thank you for sharing your list! I keep my list in my head thinking I will remember it. I plan to write mine out too now :)

  2. I pretty much do the same thing. That weekly planning session is SO important!

  3. This is great. I'm so glad I found your blog, & this list. Bookmarking it. :)